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About Consumer First marketing

The Consumer First™ Marketing History

In 2000, a vision for a new marketing model was conceived out of the foundation of loyalty marketing - i.e. direct contact - while attempting to harness the power and potential of a new technology with a world of promise..the Internet. These purveyors of marketing methodology insisted that their digital model would turn conventional marketing inside out: Rather than marketing the brand to the consumer, the new philosophy became to engage and identify the consumer with the brand. Thus, the modern-day Consumer First Marketing was born...

Consumer First Marketing began with an innovative approach to the loyalty card industry: 'direct' contact utilizing existing card technology, originally-designed propriety software, networked and controlled via the power of the Internet. Co-founders Larry Napier of Nashville and Woody Degan of Memphis, TN were both serial network marketers. Napier developed the loyalty/override concept, extensive math model, and marketing story: the power of referral/loyalty overrides, and a "Consumer First economy." Initially, Degan was the money, Project Manager, and IP/IT man, responsible for official filings, and for putting in layman's terms his vision of the Internet as the central hub of operations. The story was ideal; the product was defined; the company was ready. A major investment group who had been following the progress, signed onto take the program to the next level. They came complete with a management team, and lawyers... Within months of the program's activation on the Internet, distributor membership quickly soared through the tens of thousands, to the hundreds of thousands, and upward...towards the millions. The year was still only 2002: still dial up modems, no broadband, no smartphones. It was the perfect product: a credit card number. The price was right: it was free. The motivation existed: make a small commission of anyone/affinity group/merchant enrolled. Consumer First was the first to offer automatic discounts, sky miles, affinity group support, and loyalty overrides on an existing credit card...for free. The network back office allowed affiliate merchants to control their offerings in real time, still cutting-edge for network software. Again, the year was 2002. Degan's totally digital environment had nearly been designed and realized. Napier's math model for commission payouts was beyond innovative, allowing for commission payouts to previously unseen levels. It was lauded as one of the most innovative pay models in the industry.

There was only one problem: digital infrastructure. It wasn't robust enough. The fledgling World Wide Web and financial services credit clearing operations were unable to facilitate and execute the company's technological visions, nor would they be for at least another decade. There was a major disparity between what the Internet could do, and what it could do now.

By late 2004, it was all over. The technology didn't exist. The promise was there, but not the speed. The security wasn't there. Nor was the batch processing. Data transfers were slow, inefficient, and often unreliable. Then there were the financial, banking, and credit card access issues. As a result, the company had no choice but to sell the assets and databases, and to release the independent marketers and support personnel.

The Consumer First Marketing distributors and representatives returned to their distinquished careers in various concentrations of marketing, their heads filled with this new vision and philosophy of engaging the consumer by utilizing the Internet as the concentric solution, and point of contact. Over the past two decades, as tech advancements ranging from speed to A.I. continued at a break-neck pace, those executives, professors, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, and representatives assimilated the this world of advancements into their own concepts and perspectives. Some wrote, some taught, some developed marketing plans around their thoughts. Today, that vision that Napier and Degan promulgated has been continuously refined and updated "to achieve continued improvement in maximizing effectiveness in identifying and engaging target-market consumers."

Recently, Consumer First Marketing definitions began to emerge in magazine articles, symposiums, conventions, and speeches across the marketing landscape. Companies began to tailor their product offerings to include Consumer First Marketing, and the model is even starting to appear in collegiate and certification text books. Now, at the forefront, with AI and scalability heretofore unforeseen, the marketing community at-large contributes Consumer First Marketing model/vision.

Solely utilizing the age-old models of demographic and geographic data is outdated. Building on those models through the use of data-mining, social networking, location, and personal interaction tools in order to identify an individual's buying patterns, habits, and preferences has proven to be a far more effective marketing strategy in gaining - and retaining - customers.

That's Consumer First Marketing.


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